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Doctor Luiza Napiórkowska, our endocrinologist and diabetologist, has released a book titled “HASHIMOTO – a Contemporary Women’s Dilemma. 3 Steps to Better Well-being.” This publication presents the essence of Hashimoto’s disease comprehensively yet accessibly, directing patients towards the right treatment path.


Hashimoto’s disease is a cunning ailment with various faces, which makes it challenging in terms of diagnosis and treatment. It manifests as persistent physical symptoms such as chronic fatigue or a tendency to gain weight, as well as through medically unexplained psychosomatic symptoms, such as:
– brain fog,
– concentration problems,
– loss of life’s joy,
– anxiety and nervousness.

The book’s title perfectly reflects the nature of this condition. Hashimoto is such a DILEMMA, meaning simply – a trouble, a problem, something bothersome that takes away our desire and energy to act and diminishes life satisfaction.

Moreover, CONTEMPORARY because one of the environmental factors triggering this disease is stress, which is increasingly difficult to escape from. As a result, an increasing number of patients, mostly women, are currently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

Doctor Luiza carefully examines all variations of Hashimoto’s disease and suggests proven methods for coping with its challenges. In the book, she discusses 3 areas of treating this disease – through maintaining daily rhythms and nutrition, to pharmacological treatment.

Why should you read Doctor Luiza’s book?


It’s like a handy encyclopedia about Hashimoto, accompanied by interesting graphics that help better understand the essence of this disease. The book provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by patients in an endocrinology office. The collected advice will help individuals dealing with this condition feel better in their own bodies, regain the energy to act, and rediscover the joy of life.

An additional advantage of the book is the foreword written by Professor Edward Franek, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, and Diabetology at PIM MSWiA in Warsaw.


The book can be purchased at our medical center’s registration desk and on the Okiem Doktor Luizy blog.