Obesity affects more and more people. The reason? Sedentary lifestyle, office work, commuting by car, evening time spent in front of the TV or computer, and ultimately, unhealthy food. In such situations, gaining unnecessary weight is easily predictable. Anyone who has tried to lose weight at least once knows how demanding the process can be.

Recently, there has been hope (especially for individuals dealing with significant obesity). Hormonal obesity treatment with an injection of the so-called GLP-1 analog has emerged.
What do we know about it? Is it safe? Is this new drug, which will be a “fusion” of the already known GLP-1 and GIP, truly a chance for patients?

Hormonal obesity treatment. What is it?

Research on hormonal obesity treatment and its effectiveness has been ongoing for many years. During this time, many myths have surrounded this form of therapy. What does it actually involve?

The patient receives a drug in the form of an injection, which is a derivative of a hormone produced in the small intestine. It’s worth noting that this drug is 97% similar to a hormone produced by our body. Therefore, it is called a GLP-1 analog.

The patient receives subcutaneous injections – initially once a week. In the later phase of treatment – once a month. Its purpose is to suppress the feeling of hunger. While taking this medication, it is essential to stick to a specific time of day. For some individuals, even half of the recommended dose is sufficient to achieve the expected and intended effect.

Who can benefit from hormonal obesity treatment?

Many people wonder: Is this form of therapy safe and accessible to everyone?

In response to the first doubt: yes, it is safe, although it does affect our body. This type of therapy can only be undertaken with specific indications – patients can be children from the age of 12 or adults.

This drug is recommended primarily with a BMI above 30kg/m2, although there are cases where it is also used in overweight.

Overweight in this case is defined for a BMI of 27 kg/m2. To administer the drug, additional complaints/conditions must also be present. Such as:

  • pre-diabetic state,
  • diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • dyslipidemia,
  • obstructive sleep apnea.

Molecule: GIP incretin – a new chapter in hormonal therapy

GLP-1 has been with us for quite some time. By the end of this year, a new product will be unveiled that may become a real breakthrough with even higher efficacy.

Molecule: GIP incretin combined with GLP-1 may be what many patients have been waiting for. Based on these two intestinal hormones, GLP-1 and GIP, according to conducted studies, the drug ensures a decrease in weight by as much as 24 kg per year. It also affects not only body weight but also other organs.


Cost. The monthly cost of the known GLP-1 is 650 – 750 PLN. In the case of the new drug, the price is expected to be even higher, and the drug is not reimbursed.

Severe and advanced obesity generates many health problems: hypertension, diabetes, joint problems. It’s worth fighting for your health. Better physical well-being, and consequently mental well-being. The new hormonal drug may be a gateway to a new, better life.