Lately, the topic of healthy eating has become extremely popular, and the internet is brimming with various information and advice on weight loss and healthy eating principles. Are you wondering how to navigate through all this information and find the best advice for yourself? It’s highly recommended to seek the help of a professional dietitian.

Which Diet to Choose for Weight Loss? What Does a Dietitian Recommend?

Many people try to lose weight, often counting every calorie, sometimes without success. Acting on your own might weaken your body and cause more harm than benefit. Why is it worth consulting an expert?

  • To set up a meal plan tailored to the individual’s health condition, taking into account any nutrient deficiencies.
  • To create a balanced diet and a meal plan allowing effective weight loss while reducing the calorie content of meals.
  • To plan a diet rich in necessary nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies.

What Should a Valuable Diet Embody?

An effective and healthy diet must meet several key criteria:

  • Customization: Everyone is different, so the diet should be tailored to individual needs, considering both health status, genetic predispositions, and dietary preferences.
  • Completeness: A healthy diet covers the requirements for macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Universality: The diet should be adapted to your lifestyle, allowing you to maintain it for an extended period. Small changes are the key, not a diet revolution.
  • Health Support: The diet should be adjusted to your health condition, in line with test results. It may act preventatively or aid in treating existing conditions.
  • Evidence-based: The diet should be based on documented effects, considering recommendations from health institutions and organizations.

If you need help finding the right dietary model, we warmly invite you to a dietary consultation.

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Mgr. Aleksandra Bąk, Dietitian

Lumedic Clinical Dietitian